Fight with every muscle in your body

Compete against the world’s best brawlers in a secret tournament where winning means using only your body and mind as weapons. Battle your way through gritty streets and hidden arenas to prove your mettle and claim the title of top fighter.

Exclusive on Kinect

Punch, kick, and fight your way to victory in a game uniquely designed to take full advantage of Kinect™ for Xbox 360.

Twelve Unique Opponents

To win you’ll need to study each opponent’s look and fighting style to find the right combination of attacks to bring them down.

Twenty Dynamic Arenas

Battle on rooftops, in dark alleys, or alongside gritty city docks in immersive environments with rain, waterfalls and other dynamic elements that bring the fight to life.

Devastating Combos

String together powerful moves and use voice-activated taunting to get the better of your opponent.